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Dave Parris Knack app developer
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Dave Parrish, Knack Database Expert

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Hello.  My consulting practice is based in Ohio and is committed to improving organizational performance using best-in-class cloud based productivity tools. 


I started off focusing building apps with the Knack database platform, an exceptionally powerful tool for app creation, data management, and process automation. Now, with companies using multiple cloud apps to run their business, clients wanted the apps to talk with one another, and Make (Integromat) is my tool of choice for reliable and low cost integration.  Then, the need to display in one place the companies' performance indicators from different data sources, led me into building robust business intelligence dashboards. This is my suite of services.


I work with small companies, large organizations, and non-profits all over the world, doing what I do best: identifying improvements in work flow processes, defining the scope of projects, and delivering exceptional results.

You can check out my Knack database services here: Knack!


Dave Parrish Knack
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