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"Is" versus "Contains" in a Knack Database App

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

"Is" and "Contains" are common operators when using filters, rules, and a whole bunch of stuff in a Knack database app. Pretty simple, right? Well, yes they are. But, here I show you something to watch out for when using them. I've seen it a lot with clients. It has to do with page rules ... and I'm sure other places too.

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Full Transcript

okay I'm back here again I'm traveling so I don't have the ideal conditions lighting's badI try to find someplace quiet last timeI had a really bad audio time after thatI had a bunch of birds and dogs and if you listen someone's jamming through uhGuns and Roses right now uh but let me jump into today's time is versus contains and there's something to watch out for it's not usually it's very simple but there's I'm going to give you one use case that I've seen a bunch of times that says what's going on here but let's jump into itI'll be back in a second thanks[Music]okay I'm back now they're playing uh Van Halen they really love the 80s stuff down in Latin America but let's go for it here is versus contains this is going to be short but I just want to point out something now normally there's all kinds of places where you're going to use this I think they're called operators uh filters any sort of filtering you're doing you can do it filter type stuff all throughout the front end and the back end but is is not contains blah blah all these different things and these can change depending on the type of field it is it could be all another topic so this is where you're going to use it a lot and there's nothing when you're filtering there's nothing really to watch out forum but I'm going to show you somethingI've seen a bunch of times right here user roles when user rolls have an individual could have more than one user this is where I've seen this falls a part sometimes and this has to do with page rules I use page rules a lot and if you have more than one user role you have to use contains and not is because if I'm using roll number one and use a rule number two and I'm driving some there's all kinds of things you can do with Pedros I won't get into the function of that but if you're if you're two user rules and you say is well and you want to do a rule regarding let's say use a role admin uh it's not gonna recognize it because it is it is not is admin it is and it is usual one user rule two so you have to make sure you have contains and that's just going to go look and contain one of those and then you can drive the page rule on that and I've seen this happen where people do a lot of page rules there's users and a lot of times you're developing users as you go so you initially might be doing the user role with is and it's working right and then you just said no I need people to have more than one user rule and then when you're functioning your app it's not doing what you want well you have to make sure to go back and change any where that's appropriate from is to contains again this is short one might be my shortest video but watch out for that uh when I first came across it I scratched my head until I figured out what was going on thank you.

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