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About Dave Parrish

Cloud Database Expert

Hello. I'm Dave Parrish, a low-code database, cloud app, and productivity professional. I specialize in the Knack app building platform, Make (Integromat) integrations, and several dashboard presentation tools.  I love to help companies become more efficient, optimize workflows, and solve data problems. Let's talk. 

My Services

I use best-of-class low-code services and tools to accomplish your productivity goals.  Each of these complement one another and are a natural fit for your firm's process improvement strategy. 

Knack Database Services



When you need to automate your business processes, and have powerful  database apps built very quickly at a reasonable price and with minimal ongoing expense.



When you want your cloud apps to talk to one another, without having the expense and time required for custom code development.

Business Intelligence dashboard

Dashboard Consulting

When you want your important business metrics from multiple sources all displayed in one place. 

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