Knack database consulting

Knack Database Training, Development, & Consulting

Need help with your app? Or just need someone to build it outright?  I'm your guy.  Knack is cloud low-code database management platform that allows companies to build online databases that can be accessed remotely.  Simply put, it enables businesses to build apps the way they work, without having to adapt to some pre-packaged solution.  Knack database development is quick, inexpensive, easily deployed, and with low or no ongoing maintenance support. Get a free Knack trial account here:

I am an approved Knack Builder with years of experience building and supporting well over a hundred custom apps.  In my consulting practice, I am typically doing one or more of the following:

Knack development

App Builds

Helping define the requirements, scoping the projects, and executing the build and deployment of the custom app.  Some apps are simple and a business often can build it themselves. Others can be quite complex in their data structure and functionality, where the time and learning curves are minimized by engaging with a professional builder like me.  

Knack Training

Some clients really want the build knowledge and process to reside within their company.  Understood.  But learning all the functionality of Knack can be time consuming.  I can fast-track this by helping you learn the basics quickly, and show you step by step how to tackle the more complex workflows.  We can screenshare one on one, I can provide video recordings for your reference, or whatever works for you. 

knack training

Project Take-Overs

Knack building

Occasionally the person in your company that built your app is no longer there.  Or the Knack builder you hired isn't available anymore. This can happen.  In my practice I've taken over numerous apps, either to finish the initial build or to expand the functionality.  It takes an experienced builder to do this transition smoothly.  Build approaches can differ greatly, and the ability to get up to speed quickly saves the client time and expense getting their project back on track.  

Data Migration

So you now have a great Knack app.  It's built, tested, all working and ready to be deployed.  What about all your existing data?  It could be in spreadsheets or in one or more apps you are replacing. How do you get it into the new app?  Although Knack makes it easy to import data, that data has to be right and aligned with the structure of the new app.  It takes some data preparation, and the process is quite methodical and precise.  I'm very experienced with this, and can eliminate quite a bit of headaches and frustration by having it go smoothly. 

Knack app database

Knack Support

Knack database support

If I built the app, you will always have me there to back up what was done. But some companies want access to an experienced Knack builder to trouble shoot what they have built, deal with issues ... without having to go through the email/ticketing process. If they need something, they want it now, with the ability get an expert on the phone and have things resolved quickly.  I have many of these types of arrangements, basically serving as their own Knack help desk.  

App Audits

I am often called upon to review an existing app and preform an audit. Making sure the structure is set up correctly, the proper connections are made, and best practices are followed.  This may also include analyzing record and storage accumulation, and help implementing processes to minimize these.  We can also work to make sure what you have currently will accommodate future functionality you want added to the app. 

Knack app audit

Kara R,

USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council

Dave’s communication is one of the keys to our success—he has been responsive, detailed and flexible.

Mary A.,

American Society of Civil Engineers

Dave has provided suggestions and guidance for each step. It has been quality work and has been delivered on time at each step.

Beth H.,

Rino-K&K Compression

Kudos to you – our Top Dog is very pleased.

Why Work With Me?

I AM AN APPROVED KNACK BUILDER AND A KNACK PARTNER.   I have been doing Knack development and support for years and have over a hundred successful engagements in numerous countries.  

SOLO CONSULTANT. I work as a freelance Knack developer, and with a limited number of clients to ensure I can deliver quality support to each one. Once we begin a project, you can book calls with me in advance to ensure you have regular access to me. I'm readily available to answer any questions you have.

AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES.  I've been around the block with Knack builds, so I know how to do it right the first time, or advise you on the best practices if I'm training you on a build. You’ll save time by working with me as I can fast track the development and your learning.

REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE. I have a strong business background, specifically in finance, operations management, and process improvement. As for Knack builds, what sounds good in theory, may be totally different trying to implement, and I can identify these types of things early on to get your app structured correctly from the get go.  

Knack Review: A Case Study

Trade Association Chapter Management    I worked with a large trade organization in Washington, DC that represents engineering students and professionals all over the world.  They have 700 chapters in 177 different countries.  Each year every chapter has to submit an annual report of all their membership, financials, activities, and other information.  This was all done before with a mix of emails, spreadsheets, Word documents, and other old-school methods.  They chose Knack's low-code platform and me as their builder to put all this together in one platform.  They are now able to understand where they are with this annual effort, have access via the cloud from anywhere, calculations and measurements are all done automatically, keep an annual history all in one place, and in general the whole process was streamline.  

What It's Like To Work With Me

Below is what I give my new clients prior to starting their project.  I thought I'd also just put in on my website here to give others a feel for how I operate. 

Availability & Office Hours

I have a lot of international clients, and my time zone in Ohio, USA is UTC-04:00 (Eastern Standard Time).


I work a pretty normal week from Monday to Friday. However I’m usually available whenever the client needs me, including weekends if required.


Because I work with clients across several time zones, I use Calendly to book my calls. Please try booking with Calendly (rather than suggesting times) as it ends up being easiest for everyone. The link to my calendar will always appear in any of my email's signature box. 


If the times listed on my Calendly don't work, just email me and we'll find something that does. 


I pride myself on efficient communication with clients and promise to respond to inquiries within a timely manner (almost always within a few hours or less). You’ll also find working with me that I make a very active effort to follow up with clients to check-in regularly.


I use Zoom for most of my client calls. If you have another preferred service, just let me know. 


If you want a conference call recorded, or an explanation of a process screen-recorded for you, just let me know, and I can likely get that to you.


If you want to manage the project communication using a tool like Asana, or even Trello, I encourage that.  These project management platforms are great for keeping all our project items and tasks in one place. 


Having worked with a a lot clients, I’ve found that projects go a lot smoother and are more enjoyable if each of us commit to:

• Good communication - Emails and requests are clear. Responses are given in a timely manner.

• Respect each other’s time - Try to make bookings in advance, as best as possible (if you have something pressing, don't worry just call or email). We each show up on time. Or if either of us can’t make a meeting, we give as much notice as possible to the other person.


• Efficiency - We come to meetings prepared. Our progress likely depends on tasks being completed in-between our calls. Lets do our best to make sure we accomplish these for the meetings.

• Project Scope & Budget – If we are ever at a point where the project seems to be going off scope, I will always give you a heads up before, so we can prioritize and discuss what should be done next so we can minimize any unplanned budget issues.

I've become good friends with many clients over the years. I look forward to doing the same with you.


Our work likely will involve sharing of company data and perhaps passwords. I am happy to sign an NDA if requested. 


Any documents provided to me are stored on my computer which is encrypted, securely backed up, and always locked while I’m away. If you request anything given to me to be deleted, I will do a full purge of that item. 


For any passwords provided to me, I store these in my secure password manager and will never record them anyplace else.

Who Am I?

Dave Parrish

Dave Parrish Knack Developer

Hello.  My consulting practice is based in Ohio and is committed to improving organizational performance using best-in-class cloud based low-code productivity tools.  


I started off focusing on database building using Knack, an exceptionally powerful platform for app creation, data management, and process automation. Now, with companies using multiple cloud apps to run their business, clients wanted the apps to talk with one another, and Zapier is my tool of choice for reliable and low cost integration.  Then, the need to display in one place the companies' performance indicators from different data sources, led me into building robust business intelligence dashboards. This is my suite of services.


I work with small companies, large organizations, and non-profits all over the world, doing what I do best: identifying improvements in work flow processes, defining the scope of projects, and delivering exceptional results.