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10 Tips (part 2) for Building Knack Database Apps

Updated: Oct 17

5 more tips from my first installment for working with Knack database app.

1) Data Import: Make a separate “reference” column for fields that match connected Objects. Will help with finding data that did not match.

2) Copy app for testing.

3) Get a connected value to appear natively in your Object.

4) Form Instructions: Change font and move above value looks better for the user. 5) Get around the “Something Went Wrong” message that wants you to refresh the page (and lose your work).

You can see Part 1 here:


/* change instructions format (size and font) on all fields where exist */



font-size: 11px;

font-style: italic;


/* Move instructions above value entry and below field title */

$(document).on('knack-view-render.form', function(event, view, data) {

$("#" + view.key + " .kn-instructions").each(function() {

//find the input label for this field

var inputLabel = $(this).closest(".kn-input").find(".kn-label");

//append the instructions for this field after the label





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