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I Built a CRM in 20 Minutes using Knack

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

I built a fully functional CRM app using a Knack database. Even I was surprised how fast it was built. Here is a quick video where I take you through the app and build. Please check it out.

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Full Transcription

Hey Folks Dave Parish here coming to you with another video. Today's topic like and subscribe to this youtube channel. If you could id like the video, subscribe to it this video I'm calling 20 minutes CRM. This is actually something I did for myself on Friday. I have a marketing effort I'm doing for my practice here and I have to kind of take a whole bunch of folks. So I said Why not just make an app for myself. I sat down, started building it and then I was done with it and I looked at the clock. The thing only took me 20 minutes. I mean this stuff for real, it's not super complex. I do a lot of CRM and they can get complex and they take fair amount of effort. But this thing's going to work just fine for me and I'm going to show you what it is and what it does. I'll be right back.

Okay, here's the lowdown on that app i just built for myself. I'm gonna call it up, take you through and show you how it's built. Here's the deal again. I did this the one app and then I end up doing four of them for four different organizations. All these organizations get money from the government, a lot of it or some of their budgets, and the government dictates how certain processes and accounting works. And thats very similar, not exactly the same, but very similar to each one of these organizations and my clients. I'm sure to buddies with now sent me a list of them. He goes. Hey, you could work on all these folks. Now I've done for them so far there 68 of them. So I'm going to start going after these. They're nice projects. So this is a typical CRM thing. I have a list, the main thing of all these folks. I can click on them. I can add contacts that this is what I'll be doing.

Going to the website looking for the appropriate person you usually can tell by their title going to linkedin doing Google search. I might even try some AI stuff, so I'll get contacts for these folks and then a typical CRM I'm calling add note. This could be add interaction. People call it different things, but every time I'm calling, these people email them figuring out what to do. I'm tracking it here and then I can do all kinds of stuff i can see who contacted for each one of those notes. I'm going to indicate if there's a followup needed and when. So I got a followup table here I could go to so I can go look at every day and see if something's coming up. They all have a status I call it open, meaning they're out there ready for me in play. I'm in action actually with them, I've actually sold them or in con of dead for whatever reason they don't want to buy. It's not a good fit, they already have something else who knows. So this is just what I'll work this whole 68 list here and see what I can get out of it. And this will work very well.

Here's how it's built. It's pretty simple. I only have three tables. That's a target, the contacts of the target, one to many connection. So, or that's for notes here. Contact. Since it's a child record, we're going to have the parent record reside with it. And then the same structure for note except notes or contact are connected to both contacts and the target. And each of these only have a handful of fields. They't need more contact. So I, i started working on this, it looked up at the clock and there I was. I even did a few. You know if if something was sold, status is sold. I' put a few clever little check marks and coloring of the buttons, but that's just aesthetic. 20 minutes. This stuff's for real. Now I can build TRM fast because I've done them a lot. But if you had just a little bit of knowledge in that, you can crank this out. So what you can do in 20 minutes. What you can do in three days right if you really needed something done so appreciate it. Thanks.


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