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Appknowledged Review: Add Functionality to your Knack Database App

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Today I'm reviewing a service that allows you to browse all kinds of code snippets and other functionality, grab it, then insert it into you Knack database app to do all sorts of clever things. Some of it paid, just a few dollars, and a lot of it is free for the taking. It is worth checking out.

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Full Transcript of Knack Database App Video

hey folks Dave Parish here uh back withanother video I'm gonna jump right intothis today I'm doing a reviewof a fairly new product out there uhit's in a web-based app called appknowledgedum it's a really good research to findmostly there's code Snippetsnothing that's complicated you don'tneed to be a coderum I'm not to adapt this code to do allkinds of clever stuff addingfunctionality to your app this won't betoo long on a video but I wanted to makeall you folks aware of this resourcethere's some paid content there's a lotof free content so let's check it outthanksokay let's jump into this app knowledgeresearchhere's the websiteapp I'll put it in thedescription belowum you can register but I want to showyou this this is was put togetheraknack expert he's on the directorycalled Johnny Parsons he's awell-respected uh guy out there and heknows a lot about codingum I've had a couple interactions withhim uh but I don't know him really wellumbut this would be my take on thisproduct uh for what it's worth so let'slet's go into this let me log in you gohere you can register here and create anaccountand when you doby the wayyou end up getting these weeklyumemails listing out new stuff that's beenput onbut let me log instay right hereI think this isoneit's a pretty simple format it's notconfusing at allwhat there are are all these differentchunks of functionality for a betterphrase to call them I'll just give anexample here's a piece of codeit's down here very shortuh and uh that has instructions and howto adapt it for a particular scene orView and this one uh change text insidea search folder I've had lots of reasonsI want to do that and this to do itlet's gocruise around some other ones I mean allkinds of thingsI'm just bro I've looked at a lot ofthese and I have a couple clients thatthey also build their I don't have tobuild everything for them and they'reaware of this and they use all kinds ofthis stuffum best thing is just brush through thisfind what what you like and get it nowsome of these are freea lot of them are free others are somenominal charge right here reorder searchbar uh on your on your views that havesearch and filters could be handy thisone is going to charge for itand you just pay a buck 50. some of themhave ones that uh you can have asubscription to I'm not sure I can findit let's see this this onenope and there's different it's just afew buckssome of them you can buy once and othersit has a higher price it's just a littlebit more and you get a lifetimesubscription to it I don't I actuallyknow what the difference was there ifyou have the code you have the code butthere's probably some benefit or if itneeds to be updatedhe updates it and you still have accessto itso just browse through these and findumfind what floats your boat and use itandit's a really nice thing I I do Snippetsof custom code for example if this opensupI have this thing on myApple notes that snack functionalitysome of this is code some is just otherways all these different stuff that mostof this Falls outside of the Native neckactivityor functionality this is the I've justaccumulated over the years I've got tonsof them and so when I need I don'tremember what to do but I know I need itdone I just go search this thing I gofind it and do itso that's sort of the format of findingcontent in here he's got a thing up hereyou can request something uh and you'llprobably put it together for you I don'tknow how I decides what's going to bepaid what's not this is also he's fairlyrecently started this I think he hadanother thing called Knack mods and thenhe evolved that into this thingumand he's encouraging other builders toadd functionality I'll likely dosomething it may not be code buddies itmay be how to do some particular processwhich I do a lot of uh that you couldspin your wheels for hours and days orsomeone who's been through it can showyou how to do it you don't have to gothrough that that's worth a little bitof money to pay for or some stuff I'llprobably put on for you just like I dothe YouTube videos and then over here onthe sidehe's got where you're grid it you canapparentlybrowse your purchases your subscriptionsif you're applying as an author thatmeans someone who's going to providecontent here you can manage what youhave there your settings your profilewhat stuff looks like typical thing forthis type of research but this isdedicated to a snackI don't know of anything else therequite like this I think there's anotherone that's for coder based stuff it'ssort of like a GitHub thing which if youdon't you're not a coder it doesn't doit yet much good uh I didn't quiteunderstand it but I'm not getting I'mnot here to review that but again that'snot because I'm not a coder so that's itI encourage you to go take a look atthis uh and check it out and use it it'sone more thing to help build great appswith this platform appreciate it folksthat's all I got thanks

<video> Appknowledged Review: Add Functionality to your Knack App

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