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Change Your Knack Database App Favicon

Ever want your own favicon for your database app, instead of Knack's default image? In Knack's settings, it doesn't have an option for that, but with a little piece of javascript code, you can accomplish it. It is really easy. Please check out this short video. Thanks!

Find the javascript code here:

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Full Transcript

0:01 Hey folks, Dave Parrish here. Uh, got another video for you. I'm gonna jump right into this one. Uh, change your app's favicon. 0:10 I had a client ask me for this the other day, and I did it a few years ago. I don't really remember how. 0:16 Uh, but I'm gonna show you. Uh, you'll need a little piece of code, which I'll give you. Uhm, but if you know what a favicon is, it's this thing up here. 0:24 Like, next to my name on my site is a little database. Google has their Google Drive logo or whatever. Uhm, I'm gonna be right back and we'll just whiz through this. 0:36 Thanks.

0:01 Okay, changing your favicon. Let's do it. Now first I said, I didn't remember what I did. So I just went to the um um, in that community form and and searched for a fabric on and uh. 0:16 The several articles came up. Uh, but I put the link to this article in the in the description below but here's the code. 0:25 Um, and I'm not sure exactly Jesse someone thanks Jesse for this. But it's here. Um, so here's what you do. 0:36 I'm going to. Let's get out of this. Pick up that code. I got it right here. This will be in the link to the code and to there. 0:52 So you just copy it. Let's call it the app. Here's an app. It doesn't matter. Right now it's got that default. 1:00 An app deal going. So if you don't know how to deal with code, this one is in a calculated one. 1:07 Uh app. Down here. The API and code. API and code. Put this one's JavaScript. Just copy it. And then right here. 1:19 The only thing you have to manipulate. have to the link reference. This is the link to your thing. So you're going to have to get your favicon. And if you type on type that favicon generator, we won't all kinds of stuff will come up. Um. And then you have to put it some place on the web. In this case, 1:23 I'm going to say that I have, I be, I tested this with Google Drive. As long as you make your, uh, anyone who has the link can get to it. 1:46 Uh, but we're going to go to data. I hear I made it within back, it means you know how to do this, then you can up. 1:52 If you click on it to edit it, if you click here, it's going to open it up. It's going to give you the URL on Amazon. 2:01 So let's do that. Let's go back API and code. Thank you. Yeah, I have a script. And let's go make this a little bigger. 2:13 Your image here, highlighted. you're rid of that. Paste in mine and then save it. Now here's a test app, let's refresh it. 2:36 Now we have that image here. Umm, I test- save this too. If we bookmark it and then put it, drag it onto the bar here so it's really accessible. It keeps the fabric on. 2:51 I test it in the mobile environment. It's taking the same you are all put it on my eye. I pat. 2:57 It did not work. Now someone out there has got a solution for this. I noticed this thread too that seems to have something to do with the mobile. 3:07 And uh, something you can do. They added this. But I don't. I tried it. I couldn't get it to work. 3:15 Someone out there knows what to do. Uh, but that's all I got. That's how to change your fabric. Thanks.

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