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Heads Up! ... Don't Spin your Wheels in a Knack App

In this video I list four things that I spent some time trying to figure out, and realized they are what they are. None too big of a deal, but I'm listing these so you don't have to spend your time saying, "What's going on here?". I sort of keep a running list of these types of things ...Not sure if I'll do a series on this topic, or if this one is it.

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Full Transcript

hey Dan Parish here we're Knack Builders do another video actually where I amright now those are watching me I travel with quite a bit I'm in Lima Peru in a Starbucks and it's a little noisy I'm using the software sound suppression software and I don't know how well it works but here's just a couple shots this is my co-working Sunday my co-working space is closed but this is where I am my office is to tell but in the back on the top left are mountains and all this up top and the light is the Pacific Ocean this is what it looks like there Idid one of those towns share bike dealsI hooked up with my Airbnb is just a couple blocks into this but let's get on to the top today's topic I'm calling a heads up don't spin your wheels I sort of keep a side list as I'm going along with things that I don't think bug me but there may be bugs there may be things that I wish would happen if the things that I spent earlier during my time I finally get around so when we do sometimes you just can't do anything so I'm saying it'sI'll go straight to the point of you know this is the way it is until it isn't and these don't have anything in common there's a brand and picked fourof them then I'm gonna come back with it thanks thank you okay I'm backI will get that edge of them and that device but you're gonna have to subscribe topics but here they are let's go I'm gonna do this quick as possible so you don't have to deal with the voice stuff this is a real easy noise good morning share Builder if you go to share Builder share and it's a very fan Builder you put their name in we put their email address we know it's right you click add and error book comes up I can't introduce that says please enter a collection that is uh this is it I don't know but what it means it should be excluded your plans and it generates that error message instead of saying machines o that's medicine spread over cows this yeah but here's the deal this is activities to go on for the quasi-gov the open in Africa and they're measuring stuff but the point is they're measuring here's a penalty but spread across fiscal years Bill Collins right there for us so you just have one thing here and this is some common stuff hey I'm going to see what the sum of the columns okay down at the bottom but here's the and I don't know if thisis a bug but it's just which way it is okay we'd also like to see Rose summed for each of the countries it seems correct right here well it gives you this you know it's hard to see celebrity growth summaries only work with two or more calculations and you say hey I got to it I got five what's the deal yeah well the deal is the snack is recognizing that you only have one we're doing it by fiscal years the only one thing in there by fiscal years but was interested as multiple options and that's what it's doing but I can think of it instead of if you added several independent uh accounts and they're only that's something like that so this is the way it is if you want to load somebody and you're spreading it until I can come for me filter by Penny or this I'm not going togo through all of them for your actions but uh let's just go into outside now there's filters and that filter this sort of adding filter stuffit's good hereo kay and slaughtered this doesn't matter when it is so you have that ability here okay now here's a place page rules which you have they'll need to uh to add conditions and filters and in this case here's one you add another one it's not giving you and doors either thanks for taking the rule so I'm assuming it's all going to be yeah they had to be home like this criteria to be set they're just going to deal with that there's sometimes clever ways around itI'll take a video on a condition rules but that's the case here now there's not a number of places to do that filter when whatever could now the last one native or connectedly collectives here's an example here's some filtering matching criteria this look away again allows us to go across the here's that one here's a count message so I can access people but here's another one let's go at some place I say I want to do this lateral agains the exactly and when I get this it only gives me what is it native to whatever the statement if it is and grab the participate information okay

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