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Scrolling Got You Frustrated with Your Knack Database App?

If you build a lot in Knack, you have probably noticed that sometimes the bottom scroll bar on data tables doesn't appear. I'm not sure if that is a Knack thing or browser thing. Regardless, it is extremely frustrating and awkward trying to navigate around your table without a scroll bar. Well, the other day I posted this issue on our Knack builder Slack group, and Carl Holmes came back with a super simple fix, that got a bunch of us builders exited to have this resolved. Check it out.

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Full Transcript of this Knack Database App Post

hey folks uh Dave Parish here got a new topic for you today by theway I'm coming from you or to you fromBogota ColombiaI've been here two weeks I got anothernine to go I'm in my co-working spacehere and there it's sort of a hostiletoo they're jamming to Guns and Roses right now if you can hear it in the background but this is going to be a short video in fact so short I'm notgoing to do my little intro animationthing uh here's the topic let me get toitall rightI wouldn't have you frustrated I've been dealing with this for years uh the scroll barI'm going to give you an example here go to a table[Music]okay now of course today uh for my videothis isn't happening but it happens allthe time especially in the back end ofthe Builder you don't end up having the scroll bar here it just doesn't appearthis happens in Chrome it happens inSafari uhI just I don't know why I don't know ifit's a neck thing or my thing but a lotof times it doesn't and what you got todo and it's horribly awkward you gottastick your cursor in one of these cells and sort of drag it over you have hardly any control that turns everything blueI got really frustrated with this just a couple days ago and I posted on ourBuilder neck Builder slack group hey does anyone know how to fix this is thisme what's going on is it knack and ummost of you know Carl Holmes he responded to it and he said hey I don't even use the scroll bars I used to scroll thing on my mouse which I'm scrolling with it right now now thatEchoes up and down right that's greatbut that doesn't solve that other problem he's all you do is you press shift so I got my mouse here just press shiftput your cursor in the right spot andyou have complete control I was likeholy crap that's gonna save me 30 dammits day and then a bunch of other well-respected supposedly tech savvy Builders responded to the same thingthey didn't know that they've been putting up with what I showed you trying to use your cursor to move the thingoverum now if you guys know about this thenyou don't have a problem but if youbuild a lot it appears that a lot ofpeople have a problem with the scrollissue this just saved you a lot offrustration so Carl heads up to you Iappreciate it and we all do thanks

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