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My 100th Knack Video: And I didn't know this about logged-in users.

Yep, this is my 100th Knack database video. I think I know Knack pretty darn well, but I just learned something new the other day about logged-in user filtering. I said to myself, "What! How did I no know that?". I'll thank Knack's support for filling me in. Please check it out.

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Full Transcript

0:00 Hey, Dave Parishere, with another knack video. In fact today marks a milestone. It's my 100th knack video on YouTube I started a few years ago Currently I'm at 99 and once I upload this I'll make 100 Just by the last working day of the year. 0:24 Overall, my channel has 25,000 views with 1.4,000 views. Uhm hours of watching and 367 subscribers The way I manage this I just keep a list I got a long list of topics Whenever I think of something or something new comes by Uhm I make a list that out and I get to it sometime to make a video But back 0:53 to this I've done a lot of apps over the years I've been doing this about 9 years I think full time and I think I noticed it pretty well But I don't know everything I'll tell you that and the other day something I learned about logged in users I was like what? 1:10 How did I not know that? Well Im gonna come back and explain what that is. Thanks folks. Thanks.

0:00 Okay, I'm back to tell you what I just learned about logged in users Now this is the back end of the app, but it's super fun This is an app I'm doing for a real estate brokerage firm in Germany Tracks all kinds of stuff like track sales and all the agents involved, their commissions, all kinds of things 0:22 but this has to do with that Im actually going to make myself a little smaller here and this is the home page for the agents so when they log in they can say all stuff about them getting paid invoices and this is their sales that are related to them theyve been involved with now when we go down to the 0:44 details of the sales umm it lists all kinds of stuff about the sale and invoices that were involved but down here in commissions umm now when the admin looks at the similar page theyre gonna see all the agents that were involved in all the commissions that each agent has, but the client asked me, he 1:03 said, hey, when the agent logs in, and we only want them to see their commissions we dont want them to know what other people may seems like a reasonable request so im like ok how do i do that umm i went to settings and then i was playing around with this thing and i thought it would have something to 1:24 do with restricted connections choose which records to show and im not playing around with this and im not all confused about this and by the way i must have not had this use case where a detail page of something in this case is sale that the tables involved have this request that they be filtered further 1:45 and after screwing around with it for a while i sent a ticket into NAC and this is going to be short and by the way i sent this in at like it took them 26 minutes to respond with the answer that's pretty darn good if you know anything about NAC they've really beefed up their customer service and im going 2:11 to give them another one of these for the improvement in the response time i think a lot of people have noticed this but i brought this issue hey man how do i do this and rob from NAC just really simple is this what you want to go to and he said just go to filters and i was used to all these operators 2:33 but i did not realize you can filter by the logged in barrier or the logged in user and thats agent in german so heres what i did i just okay forget all this stuff down here thats confusing me anyways and lets just go to source i knew this filter thing was here i just didnt realize i had logged in user 2:54 so the commission related to the logged in agent its that simple again i dont think ive had many use cases for this specific thing so thats why i didnt know it and then just to finish up uhh i said hey man i think And that's it. 3:13 I never knew that I, existed is it new he said its not new but it is easy to go unnoticed and its a manual method because im just used to when i create a table say make it to the login user but you can do it in a manual way and there might be lots of use cases for that so thats what i just learned and 3:31 im sure theres plenty more to learn and ill look forward to doing more videos in the coming year happy new year thank you

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