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Require Users to Change their Password in a Knack App

Sometime in your Knack app you will create new users, but you end up assigning a password for them. For better security, you might want to force them to change the password before they can actually use the app. Here I show you how to do that. It's easy using page rules. Check it out!

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Full Transcript

hey folks Dave Parish here with KnackBuilders doing another another video for you folks please if you like these videos like them on YouTube and be sure to subscribe to my channel but today's topic is get rid of this require users to change their password now there's a setting Knack that has for the general app that makes it change every 60 days I'm going to show you that real quick but this isn't whatI'm talking about this would be for example you're creating your own users maybe it's a new app and you're uploading a bunch of people or uh you have to create new users they don't self-create themselves in which case if they did they can make their own password but for security reasons when you create them as a user and then an email can go out to them either via NAC or on your own you could have some default password that you always use or you can even have something that using text formulas or other other things that grabs the first letter their last name and the numbers are there phone number it creates some sort of unique password but it's not abad idea for these new type of users to force them before they can use the app to change their password for security purposes I'm going to show you how to do that I'll be right back okay I'm back let's jump into this I'm gonna call up an app here we go uh the first thing I mentioned that the setting you can have for knack go under that Arrow next to the name of the app use your logins there's a bunch of settings you can have heightened security here one of them is that expires every 60 days and so that forces them to do that this really isn't whatI'm talking about again this is more like you're creating your own user or you got a new sales person a manager creates their account for them an email goes to my password is set but you want more security you don't want them using the app till they create their own password this is what this is going to accomplish so let's go to data and whatever user we're talking about we're going to put a field in here and this is going to be a short video and it revolves about around one of the things that I love as uh page rules that are really powerful but in the account that you want to control the passwords with create something called password update or change password so it's just a yes no make its default option to no so when this account is created this value is no and then let's go over to the pages side and here's one of the users who are doing this with now we have their login then we have the content on their home page and this has a bunch of content here this is tracking some sort of studies that they're involved with but there's multiple things of content here one of which is change your password and this is just a simple thing you just create a piece of content ahead of you add a form you're going to not add a new you're going to update are cord and then you're going to update the actual user you can do accounts but I'm doing users because some accounts don't have this uh regardless let's get out of this so you have that piece of content on here along with other content here's where page rules come in well let's finish this you're going to grab you're just going to make that it's going to default when you make the forma bunch of things you can get rid of all those and keep the title update with your password that's the only thing that's going to show and the only input you're going to put in is password I have their name here too but I made it a default read only soI do this and put in the password and then require them to you can do this or not but this says to use their current password to be able to change it to anew one and this will give you whatever you need so let's go back to the main page now here's a reform rules come inform rule if the user password update is no then we're gonna hide stuff and we're gonna hide the other content hereI'm still going to say sponsor home logged in as it's going to go away your studies is going to go away and by the way we have a second thing here I'm not going to get into this it operates very similarly this EULA is their license agreement so periodically they update their user license and they have and this does the same thing when it's updated they're forced to sign it uh for the first time they're doing it they're going to change their password and sign off on the user agreement so that's what it does and once that turns to yes password is yes then what we're going todo is we're going to hide the change password because they already took care of it it's done that's as simple as this is It's again page rules allows us because they're really powerful if you need someone to change your password and imagine for some reason some use case use the admin May want everyone to change their password again maybe you thought your spreadsheet got out there you didn't want to get outI don't know whatever the case was you could go in there and run a task uh on any of the users make a task that reset this thing to everyone for no and then the rules are going to takeover and next time they try to log in they're gonna have to change their password again that's if you don't want to use the 60-day thing that's it that's all I got I hope that was helpful thank you

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