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September 2023 Knack User Group: Discussion of User Roles

Hey, I was invited to be a panelist on a Knack user group discussion. We dove into different approaches to managing user roles in Knack apps. If you want to check it out, click here.

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Full Transcript of this Knack Database App Post

hey Dave Parrish here uh do another Knack video if you like these please subscribe to the YouTube channel and like it but here's today's topic what's up with sorting numbers as textI don't know how often this comes up I don't think it's super big use case but it did for me with a client last week she was drawing in some number I think was a ranking from uh parent table using a text formula and if she knows I don't know if you know the behavior of sorting text it doesn't sort properly I'm going to show you something real quick and I don't want to talk about how to how to deal with that here's an app right here I just I recreated this this is looking at an auto increment this was actually a number and we turned it into a text now look look how we sorted come onI'm gonna do it this way let's get over back over there okay let's look at this starts with one hundred thousand thousand one that all looks good but you keep scrolling down and look at this there's a 101.keep doing this and this is just where it's head there's you'll find this come up there's One Imports out of line it's not measure sure didn't write let's talk about let me get back how to deal with that thanks thank you okay this won't be a long video but let's get into it here's what's going on put this little example to you right here we got a column this is in Excel by the way this Behavior happens any placeExcel Google Sheets it's just the nature of it here we've got a column full of actual numbers and here we have a come full of numbers that are text and the same numbers and you can see a number and a number field this column sorts it correctly what this is doing is screwing it all up because what the number thing is sorting by its value and a text is sorting by the digits or the characters so it's grouping them in a different manner that's what's going on now how to deal with that it's pretty straight forward first of all let me move this up one thing you can't do watch this we try to take this text with a number in it and change it hey well let's just make it a instead of text let's make it a number see that it's not compatible and you're going to get rid of all your data see but the way to do that is you just add afield you're going to add the number field and just put this here first you got to add it this is a power of conditional rules that talk about these all the time then you're going to say okay every time make its value that text number field and if you run through this it may take a bit to catchup with itself but you're going to have been able to do that another thing I want to do if you have values I'm going to test out this Behavior if you had values just to be thorough in your did a little test here and move this here I'm always curious especially on uploads of things if there's a trailing space or perhaps one of your data points had a letter and a number in it let's see how that behaves right here this is a text thing this isa number field with a condition making it disability put a number in that's easy enough that works what if there was an a next to it let's see what it does looks like it just looks for the number gets rid of the text which is a good thing let's put a space in there that doesn't recognize the space let's put a not a trailing but one before okay that seems to work well that's it if you run into that use case you'll know what's up appreciate it folks thanks.

<video> Knack Database Video Text Formula Hack

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