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What is Knack's Info-Bar? ... And how to change its color. Video.

Updated: May 27

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Hey there, folks! It's Dave Parrish from Knackbuilders, diving into another video. Today, I've got something fresh off the grill. Just a couple of days back, I stumbled upon something intriguing when building a Knack database app for a client. Let me walk you through it.

Exploring the Info Bar

Ever wondered about your app's info bar? You know, that nifty little section where you find crucial settings like logging in or out. It's more significant than you might think. Recently, I had a bit of a tussle with mine, trying to change its color to match a client's brand.

A Colorful Conundrum: Matching the Brand

So, picture this: I'm knee-deep in a CRM project for a client. They've got this snazzy website with a bold red info bar, and naturally, they want their app to match. Easy, right? Wrong.

The Hunt for Customization

I dove into Knack's settings, expecting to find a simple toggle or dropdown to switch up the color scheme. But alas, it wasn't that simple. Turns out, to achieve what I wanted, I needed to get my hands dirty with some code.

The Hero Arrives: A Savior from Down Under

Feeling a bit lost, I turned to the trusty ol' Slack group for some guidance, and another builder from Australia dropped some custom code that worked like magic.

Cracking the Code: Making It Pop

Now, for those of you who aren't code-savvy, fear not. Knack makes it simpler than you think. With a quick copy and paste into the CSS, voila! The info bar transformed before my eyes, perfectly matching that bold red branding.

The Final Touch: Personalizing with Panache

But why stop there? With a little tinkering, I added some flair, making the text pop with a crisp white against the vibrant red background. And the best part? You can customize it however you like, playing with colors until it's just right.


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