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Run a Task Annually in a Knack Database App

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Tasks in a Knack database app are very powerful. They can be used to automate a number of things, including record updates, record creation, and send out emails. Knack allows you to do this daily, weekly, or monthly ... But not annually. In my example in this video, we need an invoice to be created annually and distributed to the customers. Check it out.

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Full Transcript

1:37 You'll see how this logic works. So we have the billing date, and then when we have our next. It's going to be June, the next, or the naming gets a little confusing, but the present billing date is going to be June 1st, 2024, almost a year away.

1:52 And then after that, the next billing after the present billing date will be one year on top of that, the 25th.

1:59 So here's how the task works. To accomplish that. First we got a task that creates the invoice, it puts it in everyone's account to be paid.

2:10 And it's looking at is the billing date today and then it creates the invoice. So if that's next year at the first of June that would be today to create the invoice.

2:22 Okay? Then we have it sequentially here, and I have these space probably an hour apart or something to go out in the middle of the night.

2:29 Email the parent, this isn't part of this topic here, but a notice goes to the parent and says, hey, you have an invoice, you need to pay it.

2:38 We're using e-commerce and that to do that. And then here's the key point. Update the billing dates. So what you do is run another task.

2:47 Same thing when the billing date is today. Make the billing date the next billing date. It sort of doesn't switch a room.

2:59 So you'll see what would happen. When we go back here, let me I need to take this off the screen because there's a bunch of Real people's names and dresses here.

3:12 I don't feel like Learn them out. So it doesn't switch the route. So when this comes up next year June 1st 24 it's going to send out the invoice then after that it's going to run the other task that does the switch route.

3:30 It's going to make the next, this billing date, billing date it's going to make it the next billing date. I'm going to shove that value in here and then automatically.

3:41 This becomes 25 and this becomes 2026. And it just cycles through that and it works like clockwork. That's one way to approach it.

3:52 Thanks folks.

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