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Auto Backups of your Knack Database Apps with BackApps

Today I'm introducing a cool product, BackApps, to you that performs automatic backups of all the data in your Knack database apps, including files, images, javascript, and CSS. Although Knack's own security and backup practices are top notch, there are several use cases where you want your own data saved at your location, or in your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts. This product does the trick for Knack backup, and I really don't think there are any other products do this. Otherwise you would have to manually export each one of your tables, and that process won't give you your files or images.

You can check it out here:

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Full Transcript

0:01 Hey folks, Dave Parrish here at Knack Builders, back with another video about the Knack world out there. Here's what today is. 0:13 Actually, it's going to be a product introduction, not really a review, I'm not going to go into depth with it on how to use it. 0:20 It's called Back Apps, and it does automatic backups on any frequency you want of your entire app. If you know, if you want to export CSVs, you can do that, but you have to go to each object in your backend, do it manually, put it in a CSV. 0:40 And then when you do that too, it doesn't it doesn't do file and images either, so you're limited. There's a bunch of use cases while you might just want this done. 0:52 I'm gonna talk about this when I get back and it shouldn't be too long. Thanks.

0:00 Okay, folks, I'm back. Let's go for it. This shouldn't be too long. This app is called back apps Let me call it up here to right here this thing was built by saloon tech and ponders team there. 0:18 They're well respected force in the NAC ecosystem. But here's the deal. First of all, I'm going to talk about why you might want this now NAC has a page here that talks about all their encryption and backups and everything's done on Amazon web service. 0:39 And it's all top notch, but there are some use cases where you want your own backups of a CSV files. 0:47 Sometimes you have a company policy. These are usually bigger companies, but it says you must do that. I've said, do a lot of nonprofit work too and some of their funding sources, they have, they get a, some funding to do whatever some projects might be temporary or an ongoing thing. 1:03 And that funding. Comes with policies itself and I've seen those have this policy. We got to have your own backups. 1:10 That means that you have to be local either, you know, on your backed up server or on a, on a, say Google clop that type of thing I've seen. 1:21 Some certifications requirements and I don't know if like ISO 9000 requires it, but there's a bunch of industry certifications that you have to get out to operate. 1:30 Some of those have that policy with it of retention. Sometimes I have a couple clients, their boss just wants it. 1:37 CEO or whoever, they may not be involved with the development or even the use of the app, but they know this is a good idea to have your own data. 1:47 And every once in a while you might want to migrate away from that to another platform. And you want to bring your data with you. 1:56 This is a way to always have that. So let's just go through this. This is a typical thing. There's different plans. 2:03 He talks about why you might want these. I just went through that. You back up your file, you can, I'll go through these plans. 2:12 It gives you reports of what's going on, notifications, delivery meaning it could retain on their app, on their servers, or you can have it delivered to your Google Drive or Dropbox or whatever. 2:24 I'll put the, the website for this thing in the description in the video. Now, they have different plans just like NAC has different plans and there's a free 30-day trial. 2:39 You can check it out and it goes up in private. And with each price increase, you're going to get more apps. 2:46 You're going to get more stuff you can back up. You're going to get more storage and more retention and some other functionality just like NAC does. 2:55 And I believe for storage too, you can buy that a la cara. I'm not sure what the pricing is, but if you didn't need more apps you just need more storage, well you can buy it a la cara. 3:09 So that's how that works. Now again, I'm not going to get into all the details of of how this works, but let's go. 3:18 I did one real quick here this afternoon. They gave me a demo of it the other day and I said, hey, I'm going to do this. 3:25 I like this product. I'm going to do a YouTube video on it. Here's one that I back. And I just picked some random stuff to see how it works. 3:34 It's loading it. So it shows how many documents were downloaded. And this product, by the way, has existed before, but it didn't have the abilities. 3:46 To do your attachments of images or documents, which is sort of important to a lot of folks. So and it also downloads your JavaScript that you can look at. 4:00 You want to, that could be important to take with you. Or have. I did a few, just a few objects here. 4:08 But you can download it. I'm having it right on the I think I'm going to lose. I'm taking this right off the server, but again I couldn't configure this. 4:18 To go to a, to a Google drive. So there's a spreadsheet with this object and all its stuff in it. 4:26 And notice there's files here. It has the names of those files, but that files are, again, when you export them in NAC, you're not going to get the file. 4:34 Here it has the documents. So you can go here and you're going to have all those documents. And you can download them. 4:44 What else is going on here? That's pretty basic and you can set. Let's go look at settings. You're going to pick what you want backed up, the frequency, when you want it, all the standard stuff. 4:57 If you want CSS, documents, all your different stuff. If you want it delivered, you can configure it for Google Drive or Dropbox and you can set, you know, notifications.

0:01 Okay, my last point here on this app, they did the demo for me, I don't know if this explanation appears on the website, but what they're working on now is using AI to look at your data, this is going to be an option you can do. 0:16 And draw insights from it, volumes of stuff, I mean stuff you might be able to build within the functionality of the app, but they're going to have some automated AI stuff that looks at all your data, draws out insights, I'm sure you'll have some options on stuff. 0:33 That you can request, or I'm not sure how it'll be navigated, but that'll be a real interesting thing. So that's all I got in this, I give it a thumbs up, and I'm excited to see how it goes, thanks.


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