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Case Study: Simple E-Commerce with Knack

I recently finished a pretty simple but quite slick e-commerce app built with Knack. Here is a quick case study on that app and how it works.

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Full Transcript

hey Dave Parish here at Knack Builders welcome to another video I'm doingI'm just going to jump right into this one today's video is a small case study I just finished this app it's pretty slick but it's really simple it use se-commerce so in a minute here I'm just gonna take you through how it works thanks[Music]okay here's the story with this app it's a company that is uh providing sort of a directory in what this directly is is a list of different companies uh tag lines phrases that they use in marketing so if you were like an advertising person or even a company that's dealing with a lot of promotional stuff you can look up you can start typing in stuff and then search and see if that first of all if it already exists someone else uses it or something similar or you can get ideas for other stuff that's the whole nature of it and it's a paid there's a free part of it that's fairly limited and then there's you can pay I'll take you through it but uh for a week's asset access or your access and we use an axe-commerce to accomplish that but the data structure is super simple we just have the company that's whoever it is and their phrases so phrases is a child record to company one company can have many phrases uh and then we have an admin where they can manage the stuff add new phrases deal with the subscribers edit stuff typical admin and then the subscriber uh is a person that signs up they can do the free version or they can pay uh for a more premium one so here's how it works I'm going to take you through this if this by the way this whole app what you're working on right now I brought in a guy I work with who's aWordPress guy he's gonna make it look really slick not next normal native uh interface but he'll do we're not done with that but it's going to be nice uh if you're already an existing somebody you're gonna log in here or if you want to signup and they're he'll Market this where people have access to to get to this you just have you created a normal account with your information and then you're going to say what what uh type of plan you want and you submit it you get an email an instruction to go back and log in but uh I'm gonna I'll log in I've already have an account subscriber okay I'm building this so I do what I do I have admin I create two user rules so I can toggle back and forth but if you're subscriber you'll see what you have when they first sign up they're not going to have any subscription it's going to say what they want then you have to purchase it if it's the trial one you could submit this it won't advance you to a payment page and once you click submit then you're going to have access to the content now I'm going to show you what this is you can search by phrase so you can put in just whatever these basic stuff and it's going to return all the phrases let's get me out of the way here and the company so that the phrase is and if you want to say oh okay this phrase uhI want I like to spray it I want to see what other phrases this company has I don't know if they have more than ones they only have one but you can go you can do that or you can rather search by um let me get this search by company you can say hey I want to know who whatever is doing and then it's a typical search function that has and you select your criteria and then stuff's going to come back now I'm on the watch this I'm on the trial plan which is just sort of getting a taste of it the product on here so we'll we'll just let them have companies with letter And they can see how it works and if they like it they can upgrade now here's how we accomplish that notice there's a trial version what does this company say there's an Express cost this amount it gives you seven days access where's for6.99 gives you a full year so in terms of what we have I'll show you this in a minute basically we have trial versus paid these are these two the only difference between paid is how long they have access to so how do we accomplish thatI'm going to go back to the Builder and go to pages what I did here here's that page the payment part the boilerplate stuff about the subscriber now we have two pieces of content here they look the same trial and paid this content is going to limit when they're searching by either of these ways limit stuff to companies a let's start with an and we did a text function that draws out I did another video on that it draws out the first letter of the company and then it's filtered by that and then this other one has full axis all the companies all the phrases so there's two different pieces of content here so based on subscription type we do a page roll there's a few others that hide stuff under trial where they're subscription has ended and I hide this content and a message to show up saying hey you need to re-up your subscription to have access but basically this is what's going on if it's if it's not a trial I mean it's one of the paids it's going to hide Trail or trial and the opposite if it is a trial it's going to hide the paid content this search function or this page rule stuff is really good you can use a lot of ways so when we're looking at this the content that shows up on the back end there's two of these one's more robust than the other and depending on their subscription it's hidden or shown one or the other the appropriate one shows and depending on their subscription status uh this both of them will be hit if it was inactive and if something would come up telling them to to re-up if they want access now to do some of these calculationsI'm going to go back here subscriber I'm not going to get into a super lot of detail but down here there's functions right here days of subscription and it's going to look at what type it is and how many days it is and then other calculations going to look at the end date and then look at the time remaining I think we have it where if it's a couple days before the subscription ends a task would run and sends them an email and saying hey Thanks giving so various things here allow the system to know so on the date of their payment that's when it starts and things are captured to be able to look at how much time they have left show them to do run a task or do whatever and then the payment side you know when I first started building I hesitated to get into e-payments because I thought it'd be complicated it's not it's super easy so where I would purchase a subscription it's gonna give the type or you're going to ask for the type if it's by the way a trial it doesn't Advance the next thing if it's anything other than a trial it's going to advance to the next thing which is the payment page and this is typical real simple you just have to have a stripe account it's in test mode right now uh and then when let's see what do we have here we have an email that goes out telling them what's up once they pay rules record rule just have a couple it's when they pay it switches it to active and the start date's going to be today it's that simple now this the person though or who engaged me on this he paid some other code or type though I don't know what type of platform it was he paid a bunch of money and they still couldn't get it done it wasn't right and he was just giving up he found Knack I had a short conversation with him he called me in I said this is easy I'll have this cranked out in a couple weeks and for a lot less money he was charging and this guy was really happy because that's exactly what happened so this is just a small case study hope you appreciate it that's all I got thanks

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