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Fun with Conditional Rules #4: Format Text Formulas Correctly a Knack Database App

Here is another use case of using conditional rules in a Knack database app. Sometimes when you use a Text Formula to draw in a value, you can loose some formatting. Examples of this are dates, emails, and phone numbers, among others. Here I show a very easy use of Knack's conditional rules to solve this issue. Please check it out.

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what's up Dave Parrish here with Dan

colors uh doing another another topic

for you folks please like the video on


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today's topic I'm doing another one on

conditional rules fun with conditional

rules in today's topic I'm going to go

through a few things it won't be too

long but I'm calling it solve a text

formula date issues and there's a couple

other issues too when you draw in

a value with a text formula from another

table sometimes there's a bunch of

reasons you want it natively in that in

your in your object or table

um you can lose some formatting issues

I'm going to show you this real quick uh

then I'll jump into it

right here I'm gonna go to records

come on

and I'm going to go to a date that was

drawn in drawn in class eight this is a school

with various classes so I'm going to the

class instance and these table in them

are kids that are in that class and I

want that date in here natively so I

drew it in with a text formula I could

also draw it in actually the better way

is with an equation I wouldn't have this

issues but this is still going to apply

if I look at the date The Operators it

gives me uh to select things from

are are to do with text so it's not

saying after this date before this date

so I'm going to tell you I'll be right

back in a minute and show you uh how to

solve that thanks okay here's the lowdown on how to solve

what I just showed you of the issue of

what those operators were here's the one

that I text formula that I drew in

and it's not recognizing it as a date

and I may need it to

so I just make another date field and

I'm calling this I do these asterisks

when I'm sort of a behind the scenes

thing but I'll call it text formula to

actual date so what I'm going to do is

say hey take this value

and make it this

here as a actual date function so you just do

that conditional rule

I want everyone to be a field value

which is the drawn in one that wasn't being


so now if we go to the actual records

and it's gonna be blurry because I got to

blur out some of the names but I'm gonna

go to that one I just made

text formula to actual date

now you see The Operators that are

appropriate for dates and you can use

these in a number of ways

um so these are dates and times today or

after you get the gig or before this

date or whatever so that works now I'm

going to show you

some other places the same logic using

conditional rules can work right here

here's another one we've drew in using

the text formula the parent email

there's use cases where you need this by

the way to be native you'd rather have

it native when you're building out your

pages you can always go grab related

records but sometimes you want them

native so we have drawn in parent email and

also General and parents phone number

well these are special type of fields

and like I said the right way to do that

date one was to actually use an equation

instead of a text field and make it a

date to result in a date and then just

go find that date plop it in there with

no plus minus subtractions or whatever

just have that field and that will

recognize it as a date but an equation

doesn't have the ability to know if this

is an email or a phone number so I

didn't do it here yet but if I were I'd

make a matching record or a matching

field parent email that is an actual email

field down here

because both email and phone number if

it you're on a cellular I think for for

sure if that if you click the phone

number and it's a hyperlink or or

whatever terminology is and engage your

cell phone to say hey do you want to

call this person and the same with the

email uh on your computer or the

or your cell or mobile the email engages

your email if you click it your email

system so you can just write it and the

text form it doesn't know how to do that

so in either one of these you'd make a

matching appropriate field email field

here and a text or a phone number field

here and tell it hey uh using a conditional

rule the ones you just made make this

the value of the drawn in text formula

and then it's going to be formatted

correctly for you to do this and I'm

sure there's tons of other use cases

where you can use a matching field

that's a specific field instead of the

text formula to accomplish something and

keep on making progress with your ad

that's what I got folks thanks

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