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Knack Database 2023 Recap

Today I'm doing a recap of 2023 for Knack as a business and a bunch of update, features, and other things of note. Please check it out.

Below is are some references for topics I bring up in the Knack video:

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Full Transcript

0:00 Hey folks Dave Parrish here doing another video first of the year If you like this channel, I'd appreciate it if you could on YouTube but like and subscribe to it, but here's today's topic 2023 recap of what is going down with Knack as a company and I'm going to list out a bunch of features I may not have 0:22 everything that was done I thought I'd put it in one place here this video won't be too long and I'll be right back thank you.

0:00 Okay let's do this recap video. First thing I want to talk about is actually in 2022 but you can't talk about 2023 without mentioning this partnership investment into Knack. 0:15 I think most of you know about it, it's called company called Resurgence made a large investment and they brought in uhm one of the big things this is doing is giving money and staff while sales force and amazon and everyone is slashing all their people Knack is on a hiring mode they've just hired in every 0:34 single part of the operation they brought in a heavy hitter ceo of customer service support engineering marketing everything they brought in seasoned vets to head these operations staffing up underneath putting all the pieces to to get crews in in this space in the market its a really good thing that 0:58 has happened there uhm whats the next one i mentioned hiring uhm heres a feature they just did im not even sure if its rolled out to everyone they've revamped the back end i think its mostly aesthetics uhm but it just gives it a whole new modern look and feel uhm what else we got here heres a something 1:24 they did that i like modal pop ups if you know anything about modal pop ups if you i did a video on this but if you click if you fill out a form lets say on a modal pop up and you click off to the side its going to close on you your not going lose anything its sort of annoying now i have a piece of code 1:41 that almost every app i put it in there but now they made it available natively just on this page settings of your modal pop up make it a modal and then keep open until it actions perform which means you got to click the x thing on the top right to get out of it uhm and that prevents you from losing 1:59 data accidentally data structure model this is brand new and i'm not sure this has something to do where it goes along with uhm let me see where right here i think its with this new ui but if you click here it gives you a visual of the data structure you can zoom in you can see visually you can move 2:26 stuff around there's different settings i played with this a little bit and you can get a sort of bigger picture of how how all your data is structured i like this now i did this one for i looked at this for a really big app i have uhm and it was a little confusing cause there are a ton of tables and 2:46 a ton of connections but for smaller ones you can get some insight out of this what's next quickbooks i don't have a visual on this but they they made integration with quickbooks native meaning you dont need to go to integramat or zapier to connect them now i do a lot of accounting apps ive never once 3:09 been called upon to integrate it with quickbooks these are so sorry separate systems so i cant i cant speak to actually using it but this is a they're headed in the right direction this is the first one they did and they're gonna create other ones so you dont always have to use other 3:25 integration services lets see what we got import from excel again no visual on this when you wanna import data into a table from the back end you can do it with an excel file now instead of a csv thats handy also performance again no visual i've definitely seen over this past year the speed let's say 3:52 you're doing let's say you do a text formula or you're doing a batch update or you're importing data sometimes it just took forever everyone experienced it ive seen a lot of improvement there and its even also when you're submitting a form in a live app sometimes you get that spinning thats improved i 4:15 think they have a ways to go i know the builder community has requested that they put this as one of their highest priorities so i bet were just going to see even more improvement there in this coming year lets see what else Knack certification they just recently came out with this thats right here training 4:35 and certification they got the first module out foundation so this is a training system for ah getting to learn the app i actually havent done it i've been meaning to this first one but they're gonna take it up all the way to expert this is great for companies that have a lead person for Knack or anyone 4:56 who wants to learn it now you have a structured course to do that with lets see auto increment field this was a little annoying too right here they announced this but auto increment i dont know when this started ive experienced it it would give you it would sometimes skip a number now if you have 1 2 5:19 3 4 and you delete number 3 3 is gonna be gone forever but sometimes it skipped on its own that didnt cause me any direct problems but i know other people did probably having some like invoicing numbers and you have a structure that you want and skipping one tells you tells you something that you dont 5:41 want to know this is now fixed and my last thing here support response time this has to do with hiring too they hire a heavy hitter director of support they changed i think they changed the system to HubSpot they got that well organized throw more resources at it and i think everyone's experienced better 6:06 support time i just had one i mentioned this in my last video i submitted a ticket at i forget what time it was but it was responded to and resolved within 26 minutes now you can't ask for much better than that now i don't know how fast it went its escalated because it needs to be go to engineering or 6:28 something but overall you're going to see a lot of improvement there im sure ive missed a whole number of things here but i threw out a handful and im looking forward to 2014 appreciate it folks thanks.

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