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How to Effectively Merge Fields with Conditional Rules in Knack

Updated: May 9

Are you tired of managing multiple fields with redundant data in your Knack database? Do you find yourself in a mess of old and new numbers? In this post, we delve into the art of merging fields using conditional rules, simplifying your data management woes.

Manual to Auto: Transitioning Work Order Numbers

Imagine this scenario: you inherit a project where work order numbers are manually entered until a certain point when they switch to auto-generation. How do you merge these fields seamlessly in your Knack app?

I illustrate this with a spreadsheet analogy. Initially, manual entry results in a slew of incorrect numbers. However, with conditional rules, a new field is created. If the manual field is not blank, it retains the manual entry; otherwise, it adopts the auto-generated number. This ensures a smooth transition, consolidating old and new data into one coherent field.

Commission Calculations Made Easy

In another example, our speaker tackles commission calculations for sales teams. Depending on the lead source, commissions vary. Self-generated leads warrant a higher commission than those from external sources. How can we simplify this process in Knack?

Using conditional rules, a single field is created to capture the commission amount. If the lead source is self-generated, the commission reflects one rate; otherwise, it reflects another. This consolidation streamlines data visualization, making it easier to track and manage commissions across the board.

Simplifying Data Visualization

The beauty of merging fields with conditional rules lies in its versatility. Whether it's managing work order numbers or commission calculations, the approach remains the same. By consolidating disparate data into unified fields, you gain clarity and efficiency in your data management processes.


In a world inundated with data, simplicity is key. By leveraging conditional rules to merge fields, you can streamline your data management processes, reducing redundancy and enhancing clarity. Whether you're transitioning from manual to auto-generated numbers or calculating commissions for your sales team, this approach offers a scalable solution to your data woes. So why wait? Dive in and simplify your data management today.

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