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Changing a Page Name in Knack? (Don't forget this!)

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Questions about your Knack app? Let's Chat.​. If you want to change any page name in a Knack database app, don't forget to make sure the crumb trail is updated too, in addition to the URL slug. These don't happen automatically, and you need to do them on your own. Here I show you how, it's easy.

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Full Transcript

hey dave parrish here uh

the guy with the knack videos um if you

like these

please like them

ring that bell and i'd ask you subscribe

to the channel too but let's get into it

today's topic this by the way is gonna i

hope my shortest video okay i say that

and they end up being long maybe i

ramble but


this is if you're changing a name of a

page the actual page

on the pages side the top level thing or

even uh applies to when you change it



you just you need to do a couple of

things so it's right and your app is

tight it's just not a single name change

uh and i'm gonna jump into those uh in

just a second here

appreciate it thanks


okay here's the skinny when you have to


page names in your live app


this would be real quick

here's an app it's one of their

template apps

and i'm going to give this example using

a button but

look i add new unit this some run up

type thing

oh i spelled unit wrong when i put this

in here or just because you want to

change the name

let's go look at the live ad

uh there it is

and when we open it up it's a modal

pop-up it's spelt wrong there too

and up here the url is spelled wrong

this is what i'm getting at

let's go to

i'm gonna change this i'm gonna make

this right

unit okay

there it is

okay initially when i did this i thought

it was done but you're not let's go back

to the app

okay that looks good

oh wait

the title appears still wrong the url's

still wrong so we want to make those

righteous so we have a tight app and by

the way if this wasn't a modal pop-up

you ever want to take moto pop-up make

it into a full page

maybe there's

a little too much stuff on there and you

want to see it on full page you can just

return refresh the browser

that's going to become full page so and

if it's not a modal pop-up you're going

to get a chrome trail up here

and add new unit is still wrong so let's


and just fix that we're going to go to

the page so we fixed it here that's just


and go here

the actual page setting and we need to


the page title which would be a modal

pop-up which shows up top or if it's not

a modal pop-up it's going to appear in

the come trail

and then you also have to do

the url

you can

you can copy the other one or just make

this paste or just make this right

save it

and i'm going to refresh

now let's open up this again


there it is

it's right here it's right in the url


so that you got to do that

double deal

stuff uh with the title and the url if

you're just changing uh

like this a page title

uh or it could be a subpage title too it

doesn't matter

you can change it right here

you're just gonna just do both of them

gonna take care of everything if you

need to call this something else i don't

know the units

you want to make this the units do

if you're concerned about these how this

is formatted you can actually just copy

it i think i mentioned that

and it'll put it in

it'll look like this but when you save


you go back to it's going to put in the

right format

so this just take care of those things


not a modal popup but let's take scare

that that's it

so quick video don't forget

that if you change something it also

affects uh the chrome trial

sometimes and

definitely the url if you want that to

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