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Trouble Shooting Basics in a Knack App

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Questions about your Knack app? Let's Chat.​. This time I take a look at some methods to trouble shoot when you are having issues with your Knack app. Trouble shooting is quite a big topic, but here I list a few of the very first things you do when going down this road.

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Full Transcript

dave parish here at knack builders

uh your neck dude

today's topic hey by the way if you like

these please like the video and i'd ask

you to subscribe to the channel too but

today's topic

is uh

troubleshooting basics now this is

troubleshooting is a big big hairy topic


but i'm gonna give you three

first things you start to do when you

have a problem and you're trying to

resolve it uh

these are helpful and i'll probably

build on this troubleshooting thing

uh with some other videos but i'll be

back in a minute start going through

these things


okay folks here i go uh talking about

troubleshooting basics i don't think

this is going to be too long

let's um

let's look at the first one source this

is the first thing you do and by the way

i'm not talking about troubleshooting

again i said troubleshooting is a big

topic there could be problems with


tasks running correctly


all kinds of things performance of the

app you get the spinning wheel type

stuff i'm really not talking about this

it's this is more of hey i i have

content that i want to see and it's not

displaying how i want that's what i hear

a lot of when i'm helping people but the

first thing you do

is check the source of whatever you're

having a problem

let me call up an app

here's a piece of content the pages

it's actually if someone logs in they



make service requests

um first thing you do click it engage

the piece of content

go to source and see what that is this

is the very first thing you do

this table displays service records

connected to the logged in user


when you're creating this page

it depends on the connections you have

it could give you a whole list from to

choose or from which to choose and

sometimes it can be confusing especially

if you have like sometimes you have

multiple connections to the same object


or sometimes

the client just forgets to do it to the

logged in user think and something else


this will tell you what it is this is

the first thing this can be helpful

um that's that one


okay let's see what a second one is

let's call up


connection direction i talk about this

fairly frequently

if something isn't working right and

it's something that i see


really frequently with

with new

folks is they put the connection

direction in the wrong

in the wrong place

or the connection in the wrong place

let's for example

customer and a customer has invoices

customers a parent record

invoices in this case one to many one

customer can have many invoices


to check if that's right almost always


the connection should reside


the child record in this case invoices

we have customer

here that's correct

and another way to think of that is if

you have


invoice records

uh it just makes sense you looking at

that table you want to see

who what customer that invoice is for

right here johnny custom manuel

if you had in the other direction and

sometimes you can make it work but it's

just not right uh you'd look at this

table you would not see


the customer is and that would just be

weird because you want to know

having it in the wrong direction when

you're setting up the pages content or

even a number of things can cause


so make sure it's in the right direction

okay the last one here

record history

let's let's take a look at this this by

the way is only available on the pro

plan above but it's quite useful if you

go to any objects and go to records

and these arrows here click on it the

first thing allow you to edit that

record the second one

it's called record history

this will give you

who did it


when it was done even the ip address


anything that was changed and this first

one's created but anything subsequently

that was changed

will uh be highlighted in blue

so this helps you

if you have something wrong

figure out


on a certain date you knew something or

record was creating go there you can see

who did it uh you can see what was

changed and this can help you narrow

down things and then the other nice

feature here

is this thing called render

what this is going to do

you click render

it takes you to the page that that

update whatever happened was created or

is updated

um now watch out when you have

side two sessions open same time know

what you're doing and close out of one

as soon as you can that can be dangerous



in this case i don't know whatever the

circumstances you can poke around a lot

of times you might have the same thing

where you can create or update in

multiple spots in your app

uh you have to keep them consistent and

again know what you want to accomplish

and you can miss easy to miss stuff but

you can check record rules or if emails

aren't going correct you can just poke

around that's what troubleshooting is

going down alleys bottom will be closed

you got to go back and go down another

one this will help you find things that

are wrong that's what i got today folks

i appreciate it and i'll talk to you

soon bye

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