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Other Knack Database YouTubers

In this video I'm going to introduce you to some other fellow Knack database YouTubers. For I while I was about the only one, but now we have several. We are not really competitive, so if you don't already know them, I suggest you check out their channels. The more we can all learn and help each other out, the more success the whole Knack platform and community will have. Thanks!

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Full Transcript

0:01 Hey, Dave Parrish here coming out with you with a new video. I'll jump right into it Today's topic is other knack youtubers For a while. 0:14 I was the only one I think I started in Sometime in 19, in 2019 I was prompted to make this because the other day another knack builder on LinkedIn once said hey check out my first new knack video I don't know it might have been two years that no one else was doing YouTube videos. 0:37 I was encouraged by a group I was in and there was a leading guy that does what we sort of do here from Asana and another guy from Airtable. 0:48 And we talk about business managers this or that but they said you gotta start doing a YouTube video. Uh my first ones weren't very good but over time and consistency it's definitely helped my practice. 1:01 But the only intent here is I just want to introduce you. You folks are these other ones if you don't know who they are. 1:07 And I'm on a comment too that we actually all know one another. Uh all of them are well respected. They're active on our Slack groups and other stuff that we do as NAC partners. 1:20 being competitive. That's why I'm saying, hey, check these out for just to help you learn other stuff. Different builders have different approaches. 1:26 Uh but let me be, become right back here. Thanks.

0:01 Okay, intro to other uh, naq youtubers, this isn't gonna be long, I'm gonna give, I'm just gonna give an introduction to each one of these and then the YouTube comments, I'll give links to where they are, but let's, let's, let's first call up this one, everyone probably know it was Carl Holmes, he's 0:20 pretty active, he's very active on the forms, I think he'd be voted the friendliest, uh, and then most engaging, naq builder out there, I'm gonna just give him that vote. 0:32 know, he's got a lot of great stuff, he's got 72 videos on a lot of topics, he does some really nice one on make integrations, umm, he's definitely someone he should check out, he's from England by the way. 0:48 I'm gonna go to the next one. This is called the name of it here, but it's uhh column both I think it's a pronounced last name. 0:57 He's from Australia. He started not that long ago, but he has some really really good videos. Here, definitely check his umm and I'm sure he's gonna be making more. 1:09 And this next one Stephen Chapman. This is the one I saw in LinkedIn. We got all part of our group well in our act of the month and other. 1:18 He just did this video and said it was his first one. And hopefully we see a lot more from one of the things with YouTube. 1:26 You should be consistent. Whatever your cadence is. I try to do one every Sunday but umm sometimes I miss it. 1:34 Umm. But I think that helps with your YouTube algorithm for getting noticed. And just stay with it. Takes a while to get some traction. 1:44 And this last one here is neck itself. Umm. Now they have a lot of subscribers and well over a awesome. 1:53 And they've had so they have a bunch of these older videos. Uhh. But recently they started doing these. I mean really recently. 2:02 And they have this guy. I don't know his name. I don't know who's part of the Mac. Umm. Uhh. He's very professional. 2:11 Like he has a radio voice. And they produce these very well. But they're good topics. Uhh. I think the, you know, obviously this is going to be geared to, to get people maybe considering another play. 2:24 I want to say hey, like switch from quick bass to neck, uh notion or neck. These are good marketing topics. 2:32 And I'm looking forward to see more of these. Umm. So that's pretty much it. I told you to just be sure I'd encourage you to go check them out and so subscribe to all of them and just help grow this neck, ecosystem or community. 2:46 because I think things that happen and a lot of good things coming up. Appreciate it. Thanks.

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